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Ava by Capezio

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Pointe Shoe
Part Number: 1142W

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Ava Pointe Shoe Features:
  • Broad Toe Box
  • Petal Pink Satin Upper
  • Moderate Vamp, Low Sides & Narrowed Heel
  • Slight 'U'-Shape Throat
  • Low Crown
  • Removable Gel Cushion
  • High/Wide Platform
  • Anti-Slip Lining
  • Side Seam Cut on Bias, Satin Binding & Elastic Drawstring
  • Full #2.5 Leather Board/Red Board Combo Shank Offers More Flexibility to the Arch
  • Full Wing Box Provides Lateral Support
  • Scored Ball of Foot Provides Excellent Traction to Floor
  • Elastic & Ribbon Sold Separately
Sizing Suggestions:
Best Fit for Medium to Wide Feet with Even Length Toes
Begin with Street Shoe Size

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